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Pull Scar Estates, when initially purchased, only had 42ha of macadamia orchids.  Since then, a further 273 ha macadamias and 2.88 ha avocado pear pip and cutting orchard was planted.  The proposed expansion will see a further 195 ha of macadamia orchids planted up to 2026 which will result in 510ha planted area.

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Trees are only selected from SAMAC (South African Macadamia Members Association) accredited top nurseries. These nurseries are selected 18 months before planting and orders are given to qualifying nurseries at least 16 months prior to planting. All trees are planted with a super absorbent which assists with keeping the tree moist during the first few weeks. Mulching is also applied around the tree to keep moisture in the soil by protecting the soil from the sun. New trees are also sprayed with screen due to prevent stress.

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MTO, under the Pull Scar Estate name, is a member of Golden Macadamia.

The following achievements over the last 8 years regarding the quality of nut delivered should be mentioned. These achievements was for the lowest Un-Sound kernel at Golden macadamias out of a group of 98 growers.

2017 – 1st place

2020 – 3rd place

2021 – 2nd place

MTO Group Macadamia Orchid Aerial View

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