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The origin and essence of MTO’s core business is forestry and manufacturing with additional business interests in Agriculture, Biomass-Energy and Ecotourism. These business interests depend on that core while also contributing to MTO’s success by enabling a totally integrated approach to sustainable land use. 

MTO produces timber from its internationally accredited pine plantations in the Eastern and Western cape, and Eucalyptus plantations in Mpumalanga. Through its plantations and manufacturing processes the company produces a basket of high-quality products which include: Sawlogs; Structural Lumber (treated and untreated); Transmission Poles; CCA treated poles; Shelving; Cross laminated Timber panels for Alternative Building Technology and Bio-Mass Energy from sawmilling and forestry residue. 


Expanding beyond its core operations, MTO's ecotourism business presents a captivating range of recreational opportunities within its plantations which include: Mountain Biking; Accommodation; Hiking; Running; Walking; birdwatching; Horse riding and Fishing.


Employing a diverse workforce of 1,142 individuals, MTO remains committed to holistic transformation. Through its strategic pillars of growing its people, enterprise and supplier development, and socio-economic initiatives, the company actively creates sustainable communities surrounding its business locations.

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