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Infographic depicting MTO's agriculture footprint

Dedicated to Sustainable Practices

MTO Agri, a proud division of the MTO Group, operates in the picturesque Lowveld of Mpumalanga and Tzaneen in Limpopo Province, specialising in the cultivation of Macadamia and Avocado orchards. Our commitment to sustainable agriculture is at the core of every decision we make. With a focus on water conservation, integrated pest management, and enhancing species diversity within our orchards, we are dedicated to implementing environmentally sound practices that support the ecosystem and promote agricultural health.

MTO's Macadamia plantation in Trollip

As a primarily forestry-focused organisation, MTO Agri continually pushes boundaries in agricultural innovation. We are committed to building orchards of the future, with strategic planning that takes into account challenges such as water scarcity and the responsible use of fertilisers and pesticides. Our approach prioritises soil health and sustainable tree farming, ensuring we not only meet today’s agricultural needs but also safeguard resources for future generations.

Cultivating Sustainability in Agriculture

Our Agricultural Footprint

Our current agricultural operations cover 363.36 hectares, with 360.64 hectares devoted to Macadamia orchards and 2.72 hectares to Avocado cultivation in Mpumalanga. These are segmented into four distinct sections: Pull Scar, Pull Scar Attwood, Trollip, and Fountains, each managed with precision and care to maximise yield and sustainability.

Currently, MTO manages 105 hectares of producing orchards in Mpumalanga, with an additional 255 hectares slated to come into production from 2025 onwards.

This expansion reflects the commitment of MTO towards sustainable macadamia growing and the recognition of its importance in meeting growing consumer demand for this nutritious and delicious nut.

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