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Socio Economic Development

To ensure a sizeable sustainable impact on communities in and around our sustainable businesses, the initiatives we embark upon primarily focus on access to education, affordable healthcare, and food security.

Education: ICT Skills

In 2019, we partnered with a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Edunova, in offering training to members of the school management teams at eight Tsitsikamma primary schools. Edunova trains teachers in Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) skills. The teachers in turn use the skills in the classroom when they interact with the learners, thus empowering them to use technology and improve their performance. Since the beginning of the programme 120 teachers have been trained and more than 1 000 learners have benefitted.

MTO ITEs Keana Geswind Roger Pietersen and Sivuyile Mqomboti
Edunova logo
MTO ITEs small group with facemasks

Learning Centres

During the first half of 2023 we launched two Learning Centres in Tsitsikamma in partnership with Edunova, a Non-Profit Company that focuses on the effective use of Information and Communication and Technonology (ICT) in schools that are situated in previously disadvantaged communities.

Children in classroom using laptops to learn
Edunova logo
Children in Tsitsikamma classroom

Food Security: Vegetable Gardens

Since 2019, we embarked on a vegetable garden project in Tsitsikamma erecting 35 gardens for the local communities. The vegetable garden project has expanded into 560 gardens in 2020 and 600 vegetable gardens in 2021 and has since turned into a fully-fledged food security programme that is providing food to the 600 Tsitsikamma households – with approximately five members per household – in an area where the unemployment rate is at 50%.

MTO's Vegetable Gardens in Riversdale
Man showing potatoes from Vegetable Gardens in Riversdale

Healthcare: Unjani Clinic

Our partnership with Unjani Clinics and Pfizer South Africa has resulted in the establishment of a health care facility on the premises of our sawmill in George.

Unjani clinic in George
Nurse posing in front of Unjani Clinic Sign

The iKhoVillage

The “Dream” is for an integrated community solution providing health, education, food security and accommodation, expanding on the need for interconnected pillars. The iKhoVillage is the solution.

MTO's iKhoVillage concept
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