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Our Biomass Products

Integral to MTO's ongoing sustainability and aligned with our environmental values, we have established biomass energy streams that power both our own initiatives and those of our clients. Derived from our manufacturing operations and forest residue, our biomass energy products benefit customers in the food and beverage, textile, and agriculture sectors.

Our recognition of forests' pivotal role in climate regulation and ecosystem health underscores the importance of sustainable forestry management.​

Sawdust pile procesed for Biomass Energy


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Pile of harvesting residue including bark, branches and pine needles

Biomass Conversion

We employ state-of-the-art technologies to convert biomass into renewable energy efficiently. Our facilities are equipped with modern biomass boilers and turbines that transform wood residues into clean energy. This energy powers our operations and, in some cases, feeds surplus electricity back into the local grid, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Our biomass beneficiation journey started with investments first at our George Sawmill (2014) utilising chips and sawdust for the production of steam energy, then similarly at a dairy customer near the Longmore Sawmill (2016). Further beneficiation is beginning with our biomass created during normal sustainable forestry operations as this now forms also part of the energy transition targeting Biofuels and Biochemicals.

Embedded in our forest management strategies are plans that ensure controlled harvesting levels that maintain or increase carbon stocks in these forests, while producing a sustained yield of timber, fibre and energy feedstock. Most of the woody biomass sourced for energy is a by-product or residue of our forestry and sawmilling operations.

In producing biomass energy, we put circular economic principles at the core of our commercial and operational strategies.​

Sustainable forestry circular economy

Infographic depicting Biomass Circular Economy
Energy - Structure.webp

As global pressure mounts to reduce carbon emissions and shift towards cleaner, sustainable energy solutions, we seize the opportunity to pioneer initiatives that benefit not only ourselves but also our customers, communities, partners, and the environment.

Stay tuned for exciting developments!

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