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Grow with MTO - "ITS OUR NATURE"


MTO has been on a journey to be future fit as an organisation. This we have done through the progression of talent and the need to be intentional about managing our talent through directed initiatives. The mentorship programme is therefore the ideal conduit to enable this important initiative with the key objectives being:

  • developing a dedicated mentorship program for all scarce skills and leadership development initiatives;

  • identifying, selecting and training technical experts as mentors for the Mentorship Program:

  • facilitating a Mentor-Mentee partnership (in partnership with HR and Line Manager) which will be based on a mentoring agreement and clear goal for achievement and career development of the mentee,

  • developing a Mentor Support Program for on-going professional development and to establish career opportunities for all by creating a culture of mentoring in MTO. This will assist in making us an ‘employer of choice’.

MTO's mentors and mentees program for 2023

Table of data with all mentees, business units and mentors information for MTO Mentorship Programme 2024

One of the mentees, Jane Chitter says: “Being able to interact and gain valuable insights about myself from this programme, my colleagues and mentor has been memorable so far. I am enjoying the encouraging journey and looking forward to unpacking the wealth of resource that I am currently experiencing. “

Group photo of all the participants of the MTO mentorship programme of 2024
MTO Mentorship Programme 2024 Awards

Congratulations to the class of 2023 / 2024 participants for this programme.


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