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In-Service Students Class of 2023


MTO Forestry is accredited with the FP&M SETA and provide a number of opportunities in line with the SETA’s requirements.

Work Experience, Work Integrated Learning or In-Service Training refers to the period required by certain qualifications for students to obtain formal work experience.

This period is formally monitored by the institution and assessed on completion.

The qualification cannot be obtained without the completion of this prescribed programme.

MTO Forestry places ‘Workplace Experience students’ or ‘interns’ on fixed term contracts to gain practical experience and complete their qualification.

Successful candidates, selected for the workplace experience programme would have a sound academic record at an accredited institution and require an in-service training period to complete their qualification.

MTO in-service students class of 2023

Each year we take on students from Institutions of Higher Learning for In-Service training as part of their curriculum. At the beginning of 2023, we are privileged to host students from various institutions, namely Nelson Mandela University and Fort Cox Collage.

We took in a total of 10 students who were placed in different business units both in the South and North and were allocated mentors. The students, towards the end of the year will be reflecting on their journey at MTO during their work-integrated learnings. This will take place in a form of a virtual farewell function and each student will present their experience and learning from their journey with us.


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