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Mashihambe Transport

Mashihambe Transport
Mashihambe Transport Group

Elson Nkosi is a testament to not only the success of our Holistic Transformation agenda, but also to his commitment, hard-work and determination to make his business a success. Coming from humble beginnings, Elson grew up in a small village in Alexandra, Mpumalanga where he also completed his schooling.

From working in the hospitality industry, where he learnt the art of dealing with customers, he eventually transitioned into the forestry world in 1996, developing a love and natural affinity for the industry.

After being employed for a few years, he made the tough decision to start his own business in 2003 with just one truck!

Mashihambe Transport Working on site
Mashihambe Transport Working on site

And so the journey of being a harvesting contractor began; from Rutland Sawmill to MTO, Elson continued to show his entrepreneurial skills, by tendering for a harvesting contract with Bedrock (now MTO), without his partner, who had at that time decided to refocus his energies elsewhere. In 2018, while Elson was on MTO’s Supplier Development programme, he was awarded the contract for the Mac Mac plantations in the Lowveld to see if he could manage and produce the required timber volumes. Naturally, being the man that he is, he rose to the occasion and produced more than what was required which has resulted in MTO extending by another 5 years to April 2027.

Family play’s an important role in Elson’s and his 2 wives’ lives. He plans to groom his 7 children and 4 grandchildren into the success that Masihambe Transport is, transferring his skills not only to his family, but also to bring other young men and women into the forestry industry. In fact, one of his sons is already transporting timber for him and he currently has plans in motion to allow his 3 daughters to sub-contract under him.

Portrait of Elson from Mashihambe Transport
Elson Mashihambe Transport

Elson also most certainly now has more than one truck, having expanded his fleet to tractors,

bell loggers, skidders etc and has also increased his workforce to 120 people (28 women and 92 men). No mean feet indeed!

In conclusion, Elson says, “Dr Bo Bennett once said “A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievement”

and those are the words that have kept me going and focused”.


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