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The Groundnut Project

Of the many key initiatives that MTO is driving to transform the business holistically is enterprise development. It is one key project that not only contributes to our value chain, but also provides necessary development, support and training to educate and upskill aspiring entrepreneurs.

One of the women from MTO Group's Groundnut project busy preparing crops.

The Groundnut Project is one such project where we provided 37 hectares of land, allowing up to 92 women from villages around White River in Mpumalanga to plant groundnuts between the rows of young Eucalyptus trees on MTO Lowveld plantation. The project aims to address issues of food security in the community by providing the women with the necessary skills to generate an stream of income.

Peanut harvest from MTO Group's Groundnut Project

Aside from availing the land and welcoming the women to plant their crop free of charge, we assisted the women in finding a market for their produce which has resulted in a profitable partnership with a peanut butter manufacturer.

We would love to share with you visually, so click on the link below to watch enterprise in action.

Groundnut Project logo sponsored by MTO Group


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